With the cold winter season in full swing, we are no doubt making good use of our fireplaces or wood burners if we have them. Should we be under the impression though, that its ok to burn any type of wood, or are there some things that would be a bad idea to burn?

There is often a tendency to burn whatever is at hand in an effort to keep the fire going. But, if we do not use appropriate, safe, dried softwoods in our fires, we might be putting our household’s health at risk. This is because harmful fumes could be created by burning the wrong kind of wood, this in turn can affect those exposed to such fumes. This is not just a problem for those inside, but also outside.

Stay away from burning things like pressure treated woods, plywood, painted wood, even driftwood. Wooden pallets (as long as they don’t fall under the aforementioned categories) and fallen tree limbs are good examples of wood that can be used.

Different types of trash such as wrappers and dryer lint are some examples of what not to burn also.

In summary, while its lovely to have a roaring fire going on a cold night, caution must be taken to ensure no one is put in harms way.