Many of us have experienced the feeling of a static electricity shock, and although annoying, we don’t tend to worry too much about it. Are there any circumstances though, in which static electricity could prove more than just a nuisance?

A static shock in itself is not usually very dangerous. This is due to the fact that the current is usually low. But there are some circumstances when static electricity could prove to be quite hazardous. For example, if there is an environment where flammable vapors or dust are present, static could cause a fire or explosion.

Did you know that static from a person using electronic equipment could actually affect the equipment being used? This has even been known to erase a computers hard drive.

If someone jumps from the effects of a static shock while doing something like carrying hot liquid etc. this could result in injury.

What can you do to prevent static shocks?

Wear natural fibers as synthetic materials can cause more shocks. Anti static wrist bands are also available.

Use a humidifier. Plants can also act as natural humidifiers, so put a few more plants in the home.

Fabric softener is good for reducing static. You could even try spraying a diluted mixture of it lightly onto a carpet to reduce static build up that way.

So while static electricity is usually just a nuisance, there is a possibility it can become a hazard under certain conditions.