Such a large number of things in our home these days are electric, from kitchen apparatuses to iPads and telephones, everything requires an electrical outlet. A lot of older houses for example do not have sufficient outlets, so an electrical power cord appears to be the obvious answer to keep up with the demand. However, how might we ensure that we are using them securely?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Never interconnect power cords, regardless of the possibility that the electrical extension has a surge protectorr. These can end up noticeably over loaded and cause a fire risk. It is likewise an infringement of OSHA and NEC regulations.
  • You may feel that old power cord you’ve had for quite a long time with its uncovered wires and burn marks is still in workable condition, however it is not protected and ought not be used.
  • Immediately stop use if power cord ends up noticeably hot to the touch
  • When connecting to a device, ensure that none of the metal prong parts are uncovered as this presents a fire hazard.
  • Electrical power cords are not expected to be a lasting arrangement, but rather just as a temporary solution.

As should be obvious, power cords can be exceptionally helpful, however only if used properly.

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